Shedding excess pounds isn’t a mysterious process that can only be done by models and celebrities. You too can burn all that extra fat, lose those extra pounds and get slim, trim and ripped in no time. But, how is that possible? Well, first you will need to learn the basics on how to lose weight in the right manner. Then, in order to boost your weight loss results, you need to adapt a few weight loss tricks in your lifestyle. These weight loss tricks can mean all the difference between losing 5lbs in a month and losing 15. So, try these 5 weight loss tricks that may seem crazy, but could actually work for you.

1.      Start a Weight Graph

The worst weight loss tricks are the ones in which we fool ourselves about how many workouts we miss and how much we are eating. But, the good news is: you can easily combat this by starting a weight graph (The ultimate motivation trick!). All you have to do is get a simple squared paper (or graph paper) and begin weighing yourself every day (at the same time each day) and plot the results on the graph.

Then, each week join the dots together and voila! You have created a chart of your weight loss progress. However, please note that it doesn’t matter if the progress is good or bad. The trick here is note down your progress to feel ‘motivated’ each week on losing more pounds. Besides, having a graph of your weight loss progress is actually pretty cool!

2.      Surround Yourself with Blue

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die… Opps sorry! So, why should you surround yourself with blue? Well, have you ever seen any fast-food or restaurant decorated in blue? I guess not! The color generally functions as an appetite suppressant. The bluish light evidently makes food look less appealing, so eating on blue plates and using a blue tablecloth are a few good tricks to prevent yourself from eating extra. However, do make sure to avoid orange, red, and yellow, as these colors encourage eating.

3.      Eat Cottage Cheese before Bed

Cottage Cheese, seriously? Yes that’s right, cottage cheese. Learn to love the stuff. So, you probably must be wondering what cottage cheese has to do with weight loss tricks. Well, (a little science here) cottage cheese is a natural slow dissolving casein protein that is absorbed by your body over a 6 to 8 hour period. What this does is prevents starvation while you’re sleeping!

Therefore, it keeps your metabolism working fast, thus allowing you to burn fat even while sleeping. This is a weight loss trick that very few people know about (now probably everyone does). But, there is an issue: Cottage Cheese isn’t exactly tasty (evil laugh). But, what you can do is mix it with a little peanut butter or fruit like pineapple to make the cheese taste better.

4.      Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Hang a mirror opposite your seat at the dinner table (or wherever you eat), as one study found that eating in front of mirrors slashed the amount of food people ate by nearly one-third! So, what seems to be the reason for this? Well, it’s a little psychological: Looking yourself in the eye while eating reflects your standards. Therefore, this trick allows people to understand inner emotions and reminds you why you’re trying to lose weight in the first place (weird, right?).

5.      The ‘Le Petit’ Secret

The famous fitness guru, Valerie Orsoni, came up with a secret to prevent obese people from eating too much. This secret is known as the ‘Le Petit’ in which you wear a ribbon underneath your clothes and around your waist while going out for dinner or lunch. Doing so, keeps you conscious of the tummy, especially if the ribbon starts to feel tighter, as you keep eating and the evening goes on. Therefore, you can finally go out to dinner while keeping in mind to eat less and healthy. So, if you are facing trouble losing weight, then perhaps it’s time you try some of these tricks mentioned above as well.