7 Interesting Facts About Tea


1. Legend says that in 2737 B.C., Shen Nung, the second emperor of China, discovered tea when leaves fell into his pot of boiling water. Maybe he took a taste and found it delicious. Who knows?

2. There are around 1500 kinds of teas and surely there are more. So when you ask for tea, you must be really specific.

3. Tea tasting is not an easy job. You must have a keen eye for tea leaves, a sharp taste for brewed teas and a keen smell to determine if the aroma of brewed tea is good or not.

4. Teas do not taste the same. This depends a great deal on the temperature and taste of water or the time they take to brew. Chinese recommend fresh water from lakes and rivers, but who knows if there is clean water these days?

5. Ireland is the largest nation of tea drinkers. Surprisingly, Britain comes on the second place.

6. British drink 165 millions of cups of teas daily. That means that annually this amount gets to 62 billion cups.

7. Tea can be used to soothe burns and sunburns. This works if you put wet tea bags onto the affected areas. You can also add them into your bath water.

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