Can Bed Rest Help with Back Pain?

Back pain is amongst the foremost reasons for people to consult a physician, second of course to the common cold. For several years, there have been discussions and debates about the importance of bed rest for back pain. Bed rest has always been considered the primary treatment for back pain. However, the question here is that does it really help with back pain? Is going to bed the answer or should you just hold on to the pain and live your life normally? To find the answer, read on, as we evaluate.

Bed Rest is Sometimes the Only Way to Go

If the pain you are experiencing in the spinal segment is unbearable, trying to keep going will simply make matters worse. In this scenario, it is extremely important you remember the saying: pain makes pain. Yes, when you experience pain and are unable to control it, you will only worsen the situation by battling it.

If you do, the muscles of your body begin to react to the pain, which simply makes the underlying problem even harder to unravel. Trying to keep going when suffering from an acute crisis, usually causes the defense mechanisms of your body to go into overdrive, therefore increasing the risk of you having serious consequences later on.

To be more precise, your spine’s cable muscles go into protective mode. This compresses your spine rigid, which further increases irritability and pain in the back. However, that is not all, as this leads to a covert response where both the spinal muscles of your tummy switch off, that too, permanently! If this happens, getting your back to painless state again would be a lot more difficult. Fortunately, all of this can often be avoided by taking bed rest!

It Isn’t a Permanent Solution Though

Once the acute phase is over, it is extremely important that you get your spine moving again. That is because you simply cannot have a speedy recovery without being active and extended bed rest would only make your muscles weaker. In addition to this, it is usually a good idea to ask your doctor to prescribe you some anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants to reduce the compressive effects gravity has on your back.

You would also want to take some painkillers, so that you can once again move your back normally and continue living your daily life. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, staying active is the key to a speedy recovery, so do not forget to perform the appropriate exercise for your spine, as often that is the only thing you need to break free from your back problem once and for all.

Don’t Let the Pain Stop You

It is a common perception that after minimizing the back pain, it is better to have limited movement. However, to help prevent back-related injuries and problems in the future, having a regular exercise program is essential. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the most helpful and effective active recovery tips you should definitely give a try:

  • Once your acute pain subsides, you may start gentle exercises to strengthen your legs, stomach, and back.
  • Try some stretching exercises.
  • Most of these exercises are easy and can be performed without the need of special equipment.
  • Do not let the thought of pain prevent you from performing gentle activity.
  • You should increase your activity gradually, according to the level of your pain.

As you can see, while bed rest is important to counter back pain, it isn’t the only solution. Appropriate medications and exercises are needed to achieve a speedy recovery.

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