Exercise Mistakes Which Can Cause Injury

People find it hard to commit to their exercise routines, but for those who have started to enjoy it, there is no going back. However aimlessly and performing exercises carelessly can result in injuries. The following are some of the mistakes that most people make during their exercise regimen.

Repeating One or Two Exercises Over & Over Again

Repeating the same exercise will not only result in you getting bored. And it will also be ineffective. This is because sooner than later there will be a time when your muscles and joints will not be challenged rather they will be exhausted. A variety of exercises in your fitness regime is important, as it is equally important to create a balance. If you limit to only one type of exercise, your muscles will just start getting used to your workout, yielding no results.

You need to add a lot of variation to consistently keep your body puzzled.  If you change your exercise routine every 2 or 3 months, adding new exercises, your body will respond to them efficiently, yielding the desired results.   

Not Taking Proper Rest

When you start your workout session, in the beginning there is no doubt that you will not be excited and motivated. This also means that you will start to go regularly, not taking a break, which can lead to muscle fatigue, extreme exhaustion and weakness. It’s true that maintaining consistency requires a lot of will power and struggle and once the momentum is built it’s hard to discontinue and then continue again. Always remember that relaxing properly is important. This is because during rest days your muscles get the time to repair and develop. If you skip the rest then you are being too hard on the muscles, which will result in severe injuries.

Exercising With Improper Techniques

Proper techniques are the core for any exercise or otherwise it’s futile and useless. If you are not following instructions properly, then performing your exercises may do you more harm than good. Instead of losing weight or building muscles, you can make yourself vulnerable to serious muscles and joint injuries. For example, you are riding a stationary bike, but the positioning of the seat is not right, this can add more pressure on your knees thereby increasing your chances for injury. Similarly, if you are weight lifting, but your shoulders are not positioned at the right place then it can cause injury. This is why it is recommended to ask for instructions before starting a new type of exercise. Always check the alignment to avoid any mistake that can lead you towards injury.

Exercising Without Before and After Stretches

Majority of people find it hard to get time for exercise. In this condition, they move towards a quick fix that is skipping the warm up and cool down.  However, you need to remember that they are part of the exercise routine or workout schedule because they are necessary and you can’t avoid it at any cost. Cut down the total time for exercise, compensate warm up and cool down. The stretch and flex prior to exercise helps in circulating the blood throughout the body. It also generates health and lubricates the muscles and joint so they can be prepared for the hard activities. Just the same way, cool down after the exercise is important as it helps in getting back to the normal mode gradually, thus preventing injury. These were some of the exercise mistakes a majority of people make, but they can be avoided. A little caution and care can save you from great loss. It will eventually give you better and improved results.